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I was fortunate to begin my practice and study of yoga and meditation with Yoga’s pioneering youth of the sixties and studied with renowned teachers in those early days.

My practice, training, and work experience in yoga and meditation span over four decades and have included a 200 hour certification through the the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association and the National Yoga Alliance. These include two Prenatal Yoga certifications under Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and one under Stephanie Keach. I opened the Yoga and Wellness Center of Columbia in 1994 as “Kundalini Rising”, and held proprietorship of the center for sixteen years at 2740 Devine Street, relocating to 2730 Millwood for seven years. My associations have included the South Carolina Bar teaching yoga and meditation for substance abuse and mental health risk management, an International Association of Yoga Therapists membership and a license for professional massage therapy in the state of SC.

I was a staff member for the Mind Body Medical Institute’s licensed affiliate program in Columbia S.C. and received training through the Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard University under Professor Herbert Benson to teach Yoga and Stress Management skills for medical symptom reduction. To this day I have continued with my practice sharing yoga skills for health and self care.


What Is Kundalini?

Kundalini is called by several names and the ideas associated with them: your “life force energy”, “soul self”, or “conscious self.” Kundalini is not something you have to gain! It is your life potential for happiness health and wholeness in mind and body. At this stage of human evolution, it is our conditioning rooted in fear and self doubt that perpetuates unhappiness. Kundalini is your internal energy whereby you grow physically and mentally through life experiences gaining soulful wisdom and awareness.


Kundalini Yoga, brought to western culture in the mid 60s by Harbhajan Singh Yogi, is for the experience of the timeless core and essence of yoga (union). It is comprehensive in that it is for the whole self (body, mind, emotions and behaviors) a yoga system for health and transformation through self awareness. This yoga practice emphasizes moving meditative yoga exercises through different sets of formulated sequences which are called “kriyas”. Kriyas are often synced with various breath control techniques (pranayama). They may also incorporate mantras, meditations, visualizations and guided relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga practice builds strength and flexibility as in other forms of yoga. It emphasizes awareness of the patterns of the mind body and emotions that are self sabotaging and offers applications for the complex challenges of being you. Kundalini Yoga increases oxygen capacity, improves circulation, balances the glandular system and strengthens the nervous system. It increases self-awareness, vitality, peace of mind, concentration, and self-confidence.

There Is Something For Everyone At Any Age Or In Any State Of Health: If you are an absolute beginner, I suggest private classes or participation in the Stretch & Relax Class. You can also participate in my Beginner’s Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Course. If you are already experienced with pranayama and asana, you are ready for the deepening yoga experience of ongoing Kundalini Yoga And Meditation Level Two classes.


Wednesday October 24th 6:30 – 8:00 PM:  Antaar Naad Mudra 31 Minute Meditation And Mantra: Kundalini Yoga warm up and then experience this meditation, a key to opening the flow of your spiritual energy (Kundalini). “The new awareness will give you the authority to make the right choices to conquer the ugliness of life. You will be peaceful and secure”.   --Yogi Bhajan  Class Pass Or $15 Drop – In, Yogi Tea Is Also Served By Additional Donation | Call (803) 765-2159 To Register by 6PM on Tuesday October 23rd


Monday October 29th 6:30 – 8:00 PM:  A wonderfully unusual development in our world is the growing number of people who are discovering a simple but profound resource for health, healing, and spiritual awareness, their own breath! Learn about the breath as a nourishing resource for mind and body...  MORE...

MANTRA MASH and Gong Bath Relaxation

Wednesday October 31st 6:30 – 8:00 PM:  Join in for a powerful Samhain evening on the full moon and a stunning mantra deeply embraced in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice! Our Mantra will be the “HAR!” the mantra that celebrates that celebrates the abundance of the havest season, attracting prosperity and contentment.  Event And Yogi Tea Served By Donation | Call (803) 765-2159 To Register by 6PM on Tuesday October 30th

EARLY BIRD CAN (Early Morning Sadhana)

Saturday November 3rd 5:30 – 7:00 AM: “Sadhana gives fearlessness and a sense of self, as well as projection, totality, internal and external self knowledge, purity, dignity, divinity and grace. In addition, it gives you radiance, pranic and auric shakti. Finally it gives you the quality of metal which is ever shining. It gives you the strength to take all the heat and cold and still find the equilibrium”.  --Yogi Bhajan  $15 Drop In Or Class Pass Enjoy Yogi Tea, Or Coffee Served By Donation! | Call (803) 765-2159 To Register by 6PM on Friday November 2nd


Wednesday November 7th 6:30 – 8:00 PM:  Healing Ring of the Tantra. For the monthly opportunity for renewal and new beginnings. A meditation for everyone! This Kundalini Yoga warm up and 31-minute meditation is one for the focus of healing and empowerment for all.  It is designed to help rid the heart, mind and soul of repeated impressions of the past, bad habits, personal discord with others and establishes the neutral (peace of) mind.   Class Pass Or $15 Drop – In, Yogi Tea Is Also Served By Additional Donation | Call (803) 765-2159 To Register by 6PM on Tuesday November 6th

PRANA PRANEE (Breath of Life that Breathes Your Being)

Thursday November 8th 6:30 – 8:00 PM: Kundalini Pranayama Meditation Kriyas:  Preceded by a light Kundalini Yoga stretch warm up, these classes are for developing the awareness and range of the breath. This session focuses on an awareness of the breathing anatomy. This session also focuses on the vayus (airs) and practices for balancing them. Please do not eat within 2 hours of this class.  Class Pass Or $15 Drop – In, Yogi Tea Is Also Served By Additional Donation | Call (803) 765-2159 To Register by 6PM on Wednesday November 7th

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