Relief and management for back neck hip and shoulder pain, headaches, tension and anxiety.
$70 / 1 hour $108 / 1 1/2 hour
Accepting New Patients In Mid-September

Therapeutic massage with essential oils that soothe, restore and relax.
$70 / 1 hour

Mind / Body integration with energy work and gemstones.
$70 / 1 hour

YOGA THERAPY for health and healing
An individualized therapeutic yoga session including dialoguing and instruction for specific wellness needs for your life physically,emotionally and spiritually. An approach that offers integrative or singular breathing, stretching and meditation techniques.
$70 / one hour private class

PRENATAL YOGA (For a More Conscious Labor & Childbirth)
private class

Requirements for a successful labor & delivery are focused awareness through the process of birth. Learn to tap your womanly resources and positively support your pregnancy and birth experience. Enjoy stretches for relieving bodily tension and tightness for deep relaxation and to improve muscle functions for labor, birth and postpartum care.
Please contact Anahata 803 765 2159 or email anahat@yogaandwellness.com if you are interested in this class! 4 classes $200.00.

Wellness services with Nicki Anahata Musick are by appointment only.
Please call the Palmetto Spinal Center at 803 799 7101
or contact Nicki Anahata Musick at 803 765 2159 or anahat@yogaandwellness.com

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